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Reservations are coming in for the 2017 annual meeting in Salem on September 23. With September upon us, don't wait much longer to mail your form and check to our P.O. box. After September 15 there's a $5 late fee. We have to let the chef know how many lunches to prepare by then, and of course we have to pay for that number. So, Step Right Up and reserve your spot now! 

More Good News!

SB 277 was signed by Governor Brown on June 14 as an amendment to Ch. 90.500. It became law immediately, so those of you who have been receiving notices to make cosmetic changes to your manufactured homes need to realize you now have the law on your side. You won't find the statute in Chapter 90 until next year when the 2017 edition is published. See details defining deterioration and disrepair in the upcoming OSTA Quarterly Review, due in your mailboxes about August 10 and on our website after that. When our blog administrator has recuperated from shoulder surgery, you'll also find the latest Review on this blog.

In this next issue you'll also find information about the September 23rd annual meeting in Salem. We hope to see many of you there. Get your reservations in early! Last minute reservations cost more.


SB 277, defining the terms "deterioration" and "disrepair" as regards manufactured homes, passed the House unanimously on June 6. It now goes to the Governor, who is expected to sign the bill into law. Rep. Ken Helm carried the bill to the House floor and according to John VanLandingham, "did a great job." Also speaking at this time about the work of the Landlord/Tenant Coalition were Rep. Bill Kennemer  and Rep. Carl Wilson, who both have strongly encouraged and supported the coalition's work, now and in the past.

And in more good news, HB 2008, carried by Rep. Julie Fahey, was signed by the Governor on the same day, June 6. This new law raises the amount paid to residents in MH parks if the park closes to $6,000 for a single-wide, $8,000 for a double-wide, and $10,000 for a triple-wide home. The law now also includes a yearly recalculation adjustment to reflect inflation.

Thank you to all who wrote in support of these two bills, D-Day became another historically good day with these battles won!

Senate Bill 277

SB 880 is no longer being offered. It is still okay to contact your legislators in favor of SB 277.

OSTA Reviews available on web site.

Until we're able to publish the OSTA Quarterly Review on this blog, remember that you can access it on our web site, MH/ Reviews are added twice a year and are currently up-to-date. Other updates will be added after our April board meeting.

Contact Your Legislators!

MH/OSTA encourages our members and supporters to contact their state legislators and ask them to support SB 277, the bill that will define "disrepair" and "deterioration," and to oppose SB 880, a bill that will do away with waiver.

SB 277, if passed into law, will prevent landlords from making cosmetic demands for your home and site. There will have to be something that is defined as disrepair or deterioration. For instance, the landlord would no longer be able to insist that all homes in a park be painted a shade of beige. We've heard too many stories of landlords making this type of demand.

Waiver is the statute that allows you to avoid making some changes to your home site if the landlord knows about the problem and has accepted your rent for three months. Landlords would like to do away with the waiver statute and be able to evict residents even if they have been accepting rent for three months or longer.

Remember: Yes on SB 277. No on SB 880.


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