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Until we're able to publish the OSTA Quarterly Review on this blog, remember that you can access it on our web site, MH/ Reviews are added twice a year and are currently up-to-date. Other updates will be added after our April board meeting.

Contact Your Legislators!

MH/OSTA encourages our members and supporters to contact their state legislators and ask them to support SB 277, the bill that will define "disrepair" and "deterioration," and to oppose SB 880, a bill that will do away with waiver.

SB 277, if passed into law, will prevent landlords from making cosmetic demands for your home and site. There will have to be something that is defined as disrepair or deterioration. For instance, the landlord would no longer be able to insist that all homes in a park be painted a shade of beige. We've heard too many stories of landlords making this type of demand.

Waiver is the statute that allows you to avoid making some changes to your home site if the landlord knows about the problem and has accepted your rent for three months. Landlords would like to do away with the waiver statute and be able to evict residents even if they have been accepting rent for three months or longer.

Remember: Yes on SB 277. No on SB 880.


As of March 15th, we will no longer be able to link the OSTA Reviews to the Blog as we have been doing.  Those links will be removed.  Until I can discover a new method of doing this, please send me your email if you want access to the shared folder that contains these archives!  I think you can save them to your computer and share them with others from there.  This is a work in progress. Please bear with me while we discover together the rules of this new game.

If you have information on other free sites, we can use for this purpose, please let me know.

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