VIDEO Introducing MH/OSTA

Dear Friends,

Before the Happy Holidays, you should be able to read the latest OSTA Quarterly Review on the web site. We're no longer able to post it here on the blog. Everything else you need is here, though, including the PayPal account for those of you who prefer to charge your dues and donations. Look on the left of your screen where it says "subscribe" to make a charge. Also on the web page you can see pictures of our two new board members, Deanna and Sheryl.

We don't make many changes on the web site because it's pretty expensive to do so. We'd like you to rely on the blog, which isn't expensive to maintain. Notice at the top of the web page that there's a link to the blog. All you have to do is click on it and Voila! you'll be connected to this blog.

Speaking of donations, unless you specify otherwise, all donations go to Helping Hands, our program to help members age in place. We'll be encouraging members to check the steps and railings leading into their homes. Loose railings and rotting wood steps can cause accidents, so you may need a Helping Hand to have steps and railings fixed or replaced. Give your district director a call for guidance in how to apply. Or call our answering service: 1-800-423-9371 and say you want to talk to Jane about Helping Hands. Also remember OSTA is a non-profit organization, so any donations you make are tax deductible.

We're encouraging all our state board members to occasionally post something on this blog. It works like Facebook, so you can comment on the posts, if you want, or ask questions. Nancy administers the blog, so don't expect to put any ads on it or forward any scams. She won't allow that. I'm hoping for new messages at least once a week. Posting on the blog is my New Year's Resolution, so stayed tuned. Meanwhile, Feliz Navidad to you all. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I wish you happiness in the new year.      --Jane