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Miller Estates Contribute to Adopt-A School - Central Point Elementary School

Briarwood MHP in Eugene Update on Adopt-a-School

Katherine Barnes and I are feeling kind of warm and fuzzy about the progress of our Adopt-a-School project.

Katherine headed up the knitting and crocheting project and wow did she do a super job! She alone knitted around 30 hats and donated several other things. She had a friend she works with at Meals on Wheels that donated a couple of cute homemade back packs and a lot of cute hats and several homemade stuffed toys. Others donated gloves, hats and scarves, most of them crocheted or knitted. We still have more coming in later that we will take over to Danebo School. Oh, and someone even donated toothbrushes and dental floss they had gotten from their dentist.

Our Bunko group that has been collecting money for shoes had $172. We got a letter from Mari Weil, who is the principal, and she suggested if we didn't want to donate it for shoes they have a program at Christmas and try to get together enough money for food to send home to 30 of the families at Christmas time. So that is what we did with the money.

We had a thank you party yesterday, the 21st, for all of our donors so we could show them all of our goodies. Katherine and I made cake and had tea, coffee and lemonade for all of them. Pretty good turn-out we thought. Then we bundled everything up and took it all to the school along with more Box Tops for Education, which we are still collecting as well.
                                                                          --Nancy Robinson, Co-chair,
                                                                             Briarwood OSTA Chapter, Eugene