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Under Chapter News in the Fall Quarterly Review of The OSTA, a correction needs to be made to Meadow Park, Corvallis.
Joan Shaw is NOT the Vice-President.  Joan is the Editor of the Meadow Lark, our park newsletter.    The Vice-President of the Meadow Park Residents' Association, Sarah Klein.

Thank you for making the correction.
Keep up the good work; wonderful newsletter!

Judy McDaniel
Meadow Park Residents' Association

Song Brook Community Garden August 1


Eldorado Villa, Tigard experienced a bit of pre July 4th fireworks you NEVER want to see—an electrical fire that destroyed a house in our community. Thank goodness the home was empty and the new residents had not begun to move in. The manager is now looking for another home that might be suitable for the buyers. 

Once the flames were extinguished, the firemen dismantled the siding that remained to make sure the sparks were all foamed out of existence.  They had to use their masks during this procedure as the asbestos in the insulation added to the toxic fumes.  Neighbors had to evacuate their homes as the winds continually changed directions. Siding on a neighboring home was scorched and will require replacement.

What we learned and I pass on to you: 1.Keep up on house insurance payments, 2.Trim shrubs three feet away from hydrants, and 3.Pay for a pre-purchase inspection to catch problems like faulty wiring.

Rita Loberger, Northern District Director