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Helping Hands Program

OTSA is wanting to help you.  Our Helping Hands program helps OSTA member residents with home repairs so that you can age safely in place.  You can fill out an application for a grant and submit it for approval.  The grants are limited to one grant per year, not to exceed $1000 actual cost.  Of this $1000, OSTA will pay 75% of the submitted amount.  The resident is responsible for the remaining 25%. 

Please comment on this post if you are interested in applying or have any comments or questions.


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New Year - New Dreams - Looking to the Future - GRANTS

Hello Bloggers,

The new year brings a new vision and scope for OSTA.  The newly formed Grant Search Committee has begun to search for grant opportunities to better help manufactured home owners. We have identified a number of grant categories which we could apply for and many projects that could help.  Our existing Helping Hands program focuses on home repairs that allow residents to age in place safely.

Please comment to this post with any ideas, areas of interest for possible grant ideas, and how you might volunteer to make this happen....

Nancy Inglehart, Grant Committee Chair