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Christmas Lights at SongBrook MHP, Eugene

Residents light up their homes each year. Here's one we think is a winner.
. Preston & Mary Rush at Scandia Village are the ones who own this but they did get approval from management to display it. --Jim Kiscoan
Here's how it looks at night. 

Scandia Village MHP, Junction City, OR

Residents of Scandia Village MHP in Junction City were pleased to have management install a star in one of the park's trees with a manger underneath to commemorate  this holiday season. We are all enjoying the scene.

                     --Jim Kiscoan & Ruth Kiscoan, OSTA chapter president

  Click on the link:   --->   2015 OSTA Meeting Skit

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Enter This Park at Your Own Risk

Residents at River Bend Manufactured Home Park in Reedsport, Oregon,have been working with OSTA District Director Charlie Ricker and Reedsport city officials in an attempt to find a solution to violations that include a sinkhole and land erosion under the homes in this scenic park near the Pacific Ocean. Over 46 homes plus public utilities, the common areas, and roads have become unsafe and downright dangerous. Residents are pursuing legal action to encourage the owner to  repair damage in the park. The photo shows a problem at one of the homes where the slab and land have fallen.

Coalition Bill, HB3016A, a unanimous success!

Coalition Bill, HB3016A, a unanimous success!

The Manufactured Housing Landlord/Tenant Coalition bill passed the Senate Wednesday, April 20, on a 29 to 0 vote.  That gives a combined total vote, in both houses, of 89 to zero. The bill now goes to the Governor Brown for her signature.

To read more, go to the Summer 2015 OSTA Review, available at the left of your screen.
Lane District Meeting March 21 for All Area Chapters

Plan to spend some time learning about and discussing state statutes regarding manufactured/mobile home park rules. We have a clearly-written handout for guidance, and this will be an excellent meeting for people new to park living. We’ll try to cut off problems “at the pass” so there won’t be so many surprises down the road. We also hope to have information for you about current State Legislation.
Non-OSTA members are welcome to come and hopefully join.The meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 21, at SongBrook, 4055 Royal Avenue in Eugene.                                                                                           --Jane Capron, District Director


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