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Watch for Updates on Current MH Legislation!

The Summer 2019 OSTA Quarterly Review should be in your inboxes or snail mailboxes soon if not sooner. A brief summary of the issues in the Landlord/Coalition bill now in the state legislature will be found in the "Right 2 Know" section. If the bill passes the Senate and House, as we sincerely hope it will, and the governor signs it, the statutes as amended will take effect January 1. 2020. Watch the blog to learn when that bill becomes a law, and keep your fingers crossed!

In our OSTA spotlight this issue is John VanLandingham, who has worked--slogged, actually--long hours on this Landlord/Coalition bill as well as on all others during the past 20 years. The current bill has gone through about 17 rewrites until the 100 plus people on the coalition could agree to its wording. Then it went to legislative committees and the Legislative Counsel for further edits.

Be sure to read page 3 about the heroes in Keizer that we honor for their heroism. Nancy Inglehart wrote this story which may also be written up in another publication which is available free in manufactured home parks, grocery stores, and other places. On page 15 we reprint some fire safety guidelines for manufactured homes, with #1 being sure to have a working smoke alarm detector.
One of the heroes of the story was a dog who is pictured on page 11 with his owner, who is pictured bandaged from burns suffered in the rescue operation. Page 11 also has information from our mediation columnist about service dogs. There have been a lot of questions about what a service dog is, so Nancy Gromen explains.

Also on page 1 is a short article about a bill already passed this session that sets rent caps at 7% plus CPI. On page 14 our Legal Gal, Oregon Law Center's Laurie Hauber, writes about what this bill means to you. In some parks rents have been going up as much as $100-$150 a month. That can't happen any more.

We encourage our MH/OSTA chapters to use their OSTA Reviews at chapter meetings and study the Right 2 Know section and other information so you can be knowledgeable about your rights. Your legislators will be happy to come to your park to talk to residents about their rights provided through Chapter 90 laws. Your legislators help you, so be sure to let them by telling them your concerns.

And by the way, your membership in OSTA encourages the legislators to help you. You want their help, they want your vote. If you are not a member, there is a little button at the left of your screen where it says "Subscribe." You can join MH/ OSTA with your charge card through PayPal.