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Our Funding Request Denied

Our Funding Request Denied

Greetings, board members and friends---

I am sorry to say that I just found out from our grant officer at the Northwest Health Foundation that their board met on Monday [Dec. 5] and that we were not awarded funding.  

Please, please do not take this as a "rejection of MH/OSTA"—I'm guessing that it has more to do with the match between the organization's funding criteria and what we were proposing and the extremely competitive nature of grants in this era of scarce resources. I've reviewed a lot of grant applications in my time, and I can assure you that our organization is deserving of support.  We do good work, and we work hard at it.  We are a viable, valuable organization providing a needed service—and sooner or later we will find a funding source that matches our profile. 

I want to especially express appreciation to Rita Loberger, who was my partner in this effort.  She represented the board and organization admirably and stepped up to the challenge of introducing the Northwest Health Foundation grant officer to manufactured housing community living.

So, the next step is to look ahead to another source of funding. I believe that the “Request for Proposals” goes out in January to another source with funding [expected to be] available in June. The MH/OSTA board will be discussing this possibility at their next meetings.

We will keep at it!!!                                                                                  —AndrĂ©e Tremoulet