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Sample reaction to the email version

Rita Loberger from Tigard says, Thanks Judy. So much easier to maintain a clean table top when it's not littered with papers. Online works great.

Sample reaction to the email version

Linda Barr from Western Star MHP in Reedsport writes: Wow! I just read through the E-edition of the OSTA Review and it is great. The photos are much clearer than those in the printed edition. I no longer have to buy 3-ring binders to store the printed editions in. Wonderful! Thanks for putting out such a great product.

Spring 2013 OSTA Reviews In Your Mailboxes This Week

If you’ve signed up for electronic delivery, you’ve already received this issue. Next month we hope to leave all pictures for E-version in color!!! As you receive your renewal notices in the mail, you’ll be given the option of signing up for email delivery. You can, however, request email delivery now simply by sending a quick note to Judy (under "Pages" on this Blog is a link). She’ll add you to the email list for the June issue. Meanwhile, members without computers or those who prefer to have a paper copy, will get theirs the same way as usual, through the U.S. Postal Service.

Lee’s MHP Elects New Officers

Joan Stern has been voted president to lead Lee’s OSTA chapter. Serving with her are Dave Bidwell as vice-president, Nancy Burns, secretary, and Marita Ruiz, continuing as treasurer. Although one of the smaller and older parks in Eugene, Lee’s is a shining example of a community where residents care for each other and take pride in the appearance of their homes and spaces. Joan was the first recipient in Lane County of a “Helping Hand” (two new windows). As part of her thank you to MH/OSTA, she speaks about the project at other parks in the county, told about her windows at the state annual meeting, and continues to recruit new members in her park.